Who we are  

We know with one single sector called Agriculture,,six of the Sustainable Development Goals will come to fruition.

We ask ourselves thought provoking questions
“How are we going to feed the world's population on track to 9 billion in 2050 if we all stay in the offices in suits and ties,
“Why should a graduate with all the diplomas and degrees she has earned, chase non-existing white collar jobs whereas the list of employment opportunities in Agriculture sector is endless”
Why should a continent with rich fertile soil and favourable weather conditions still import daily Agricultural Consumables.

Guzakuza which came about during a concept transformation session in kanthari,India was derived from two Swahili words, Guza(touch) and kuza (grow). With Guzakuza, we are touching lives by growing women Agripreneurs, growing new generation of graduate and wealthy farmers and growing healthy organic foods.

We use Agriculture and entrepreneurship to create mindset change in the society.

We highlight the fact that this sector is not only about tilling the soil,but it includes all the processes from the farm to the table (growing,processing,technology,packaging,branding,marketing,transportation,distribution etc)

We believe that the farmer is as equally important as the lawyer and the doctor.


The bigger picture
With this single sector,we will reduce graduate unemployment,food insecurity and poverty in the long run.
Our goal
To grow women Agripreneurs and wealthy farmers.
We Target
Young women graduates who have the guts to challenge the status quo.
Who have a burning desire to start their own farms and Agribusinesses after graduating from our training. Smallholder farmers who embrace change and are willing to create wealth through their career.
Our Uniqueness
We tackle the root causes of the problem not the symptoms.
Our programs have multiplier effects.
We empower beneficiaries to have entrepreneurial mindset to be job providers not job seekers.
Our Ethical Values
Creativity, attractiveness and commitment.
Our Farm
Farming is not for poor people,neither is it for the old nor the illiterate. Our farm is located right in the central region of Ghana and 20 mins drive from the capital, Accra.
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